Project Procurement Manager, PPM

  • Date:24 November 2021
  • Place of work: Germany
Job Title:
Project Procurement Manager, PPM

Date of issue:
Job Location:
TPI – Braunschwick, Germany
Job type/Contract:
Permanent, starts December 1st 2021.
Salary range:
Competitive salary with benefits

Job summary/Role description
Project Procurement Manager is the leader of the procurement team assigned to a project that requires high managerial capability due to contract complexity in terms of value, schedule, coordination, risks etc. He/She coordinates the overall project procurement activities remaining responsible for the entire procurement cycle from receipt of the Purchase Requests till the close-out of the Purchase Order, following PD/PM and PPD instructions.
Duties and responsibilities
- To support the Proposal Manager during the development of Commercial Offers regarding the definition of the sourcing matrix and preliminary supply chain execution strategy, development of the cost analysis, preparation of the Project Procurement Plan (PPP) and Vendor List to be submitted with the Proposal.
- To support the PD/PM, after contract award in: - defining the Procurement Team to be assigned to the Project; - finalizing the sourcing matrix and the supply chain execution strategy, - preparing/finalizing the Project Procurement Plan (PPP) in compliance with Contract requirements;
- To prepare Project Procurement Procedures in compliance with Contract requirements;
- To cooperate with Category Managers in the verification/finalization of the Project Vendor List, evaluating the opportunity to propose new strategic Vendors (where necessary);
- To manage the Procurement activities, from the receipt of Material Requisitions and relevant Purchase Requisition, till the delivery of materials at Site, and following close out of the Purchase Orders, in line with the Project Schedule and budget allocation;
- To issue on a regular basis the Project Procurement Reports to Project Management Team and to Client;
- To ensure the full adoption and utilization by the Project Procurement Team of the Supply Chain Tools, in line with Project requirements and Company’s standards and methodologies.
- To manage the resources assigned to the Project in line with Project schedule and the assigned budget;
- To create Alert Cards for each potential or actual Contract deviation involving Procurement issues;
- To interface with Site granting the Procurement support required by Project
- To activate the Vendors’ assistance at Site during Construction, Commissioning and Start up activities; - To ensure the overall Project Procurement Coordination among the operational centres (International Procurement Offices, other companies of the Group, Partners, Site etc.) involved in the Project Procurement activities;
- To involve the PPD for any critical issues requiring escalation to Top Management Level and discussing with him/her the possible remedial actions;
- To manage in cooperation with the Project Management Team, Supply Market Management and Administration Dept. the Advance / Performance / Warranty Bonds.
- To manage in cooperation with the Project Management Team and Material Supply & Subcontract Management the Passive Contracts with Suppliers regarding Claims, Back Charges and Liquidated Damages;
- To support Administration Department (when required), in cooperation with Project Management Team, Supply Market Management and Material Supply & Subcontract Management, in managing the administrative issues relevant to the Passive Contracts with Suppliers;
- To ensure that all Procurement Team members operate in line with their respective job description and ensure their professional growth.
- Assure the close out of overall Project Procurement activities;
- Keeping abreast of Company’s Standards and Methodologies

Person Specification
Knowledge & Qualifications
University degree in a relevant discipline
  • Experience in procurement. 5-10-year experience in a similar position;
  • Experience in the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, EPC sectors; engineering; as a plus;
Skills and Abilities
  • Fluent English & German; and good command of Russian highly suitable;
  • Excellent IT, analytical, communications and interpersonal skills;
  • Strong interpersonal, team-oriented skills. Self-motivation and direction, with strong bias toward timely performance and problem resolution;
  • Attention to detail, and the ability to read and draft blueprints (as-built), strong communications and interpersonal skills.
Special Requirements and Comments
Only candidates with significant experience, consistent with the relevant field, will be considered for this position.
Only spontaneous candidates will be considered for this role.
The information submitted shall include:
- nationality
- date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
- expected salary ($/year, gross)
- notice period (weeks)
- email address of the candidate.