Mechanical Completion Engineer, MCE, HAOR, Azerbaijan

  • Date:22 January 2021
  • Place of work: Azerbaijan

Job Title:

Mechanical Completion Engineer, MCE


PIR 400902500

Date of issue:




Job Location:

Baku, Azerbaijan

Job type/Contract:

Temporary, start date ASAP

Employment pattern:

Full time

Working Hours:

10h per day 6 days a week

Salary range:

Competitive salary package with benefits


  • Health Insurance
  • Life insurance



Job summary/Role description

The Project relates to the implementation on an EPC lump-sum basis of the New Units of Modernization and Reconstruction works for the Heydar Aliyev Baku Oil Refinery in Azerbaijan

Mechanical Completion Engineer, MCE is responsible for data input on the MCDB (Mechanical Completion Database).



Duties and responsibilities

  • Record the Punch List information into MCDB;
  • Update/Closeout of the Punch List on the MCDB;
  • Collect and record information about personnel authorized to open Punch List;
  • Submit on daily/weekly basis status of Punch List to Discipline Supervisors.
  • Receive (by discipline supervisors) original punch list, record it on the punch list record logbook and assuring their insertion in the Mechanical Completion Data Base;
  • Supply discipline supervisors with punch list printouts;
  • Take punch list from file for collecting responsible signature when the work on the field is completed;
  • Maintain an updated progress report of closed punch list items;
  • Address discipline supervisors/subcontractors punch list close-out as per given priority by the Pre-commissioning Group;
  • Monitor status of pending priority punch list in each subsystem and keep Construction Management informed;
  • Monitor discipline completion. When discipline is completed within a Subsystem he shall issue the Discipline Acceptance Certificate according to “Mechanical Completion Manual”;
  • Monitor Final Completion Dossier status for each Subsystem/System. When the Subsystem/System is completed he shall issue the Subsystem/System Ready for Commissioning Certificate according to “Mechanical Completion Manual”.
  • Monitor the Final Completion Dossier preparation by Subcontractor/Pre-commissioning / Commissioning Group respectively.



Person Specification

Knowledge & Qualifications

  • University Degree or Diploma in relevant discipline or equivalent


  • Relevant experience in construction/modernisation of oil & gas /industrial sector/ EPC projects large refinery plants;
  • At least 3 years of experience in the specific discipline;
  • Similar role covered in last three projects, of comparable size;
  • Experience working on Contractor side.

Skills and Abilities

  • Native Azerbaijani speaker;
  • Fluent English;
  • Excellent IT and analytical skills;
  • Attention to detail, excellent communications skills;
  • Strong interpersonal, team-oriented skills, self-motivation and direction, with strong bias toward timely performance and problem resolution.

Special Requirements and Comments

Only Azerbaijani nationals with significant experience, consistent with the relevant field, will be considered for this position.


Only spontaneous candidates will be considered for this role.