Insulation and Painting Supervisor, IPS, Zcina, Algeria

  • Date:08 October 2020
  • Place of work: Algeria

Job Title:

Insulation and Painting Supervisor, IPS


PIR 405805250

Date of issue:



ZCINA, Algeria

Job Location:

Hassi Messaoud, Algeria

Job type/Contract:

Temporary, start date November 2020.

Salary range:

Competitive salary package with benefits

Job summary/Role description

The Insulation and Painting Supervisor (IPS) directs Subcontractor activities for Insulation and Painting activities, ensuring that Plant Construction works are performed according to the erection schedules and Project documents, within the assigned cost budget, and according to Quality & Safety procedures, as well as according to the terms and conditions of the subcontract.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Prior to the start of works, to check the Supplier’s material and technical documentation delivery schedule. Check that the same is in line with Construction schedules and contractual commitments;
  • To check that the said schedule is kept to, and to promote action to recover any delay;
  • To check that the equipment and manpower employed by the Subcontractor are adequate and that the works performed by the Subcontractor conform to design documents, Safety regulations, and to the Quality level fixed by the same;
  • To prepare the non-conformity register for each Subcontractor and co-ordinate non-conformity resolution;
  • To detect any design errors, and where possible rectify the same or request the Site Engineer to make the necessary changes;
  • To check Subcontractors’ work progress status sheets and sign the same for approval;
  • To manage vendor specialists;
  • To assist the Contract Engineer in defining new prices, in preparing amendments to subcontracts and in analysing and discussing claims;
  • In Home Office (whenever possible) to cooperate with the project team for the Constructability and feasibility studies, with APPAL for technical tabulation of the civil bidders’ proposals and clarification meeting with the bidders, with civil department to analyse/define the WR to be included in the Scope of Work of Subcontractor.

Person Specification

Knowledge & Qualifications

  • University Degree or Diploma in a relevant discipline or equivalent.


  • Similar role covered at least in projects that are of a comparable size;
  • 5-10 years of experience as an Insulation and Painting Supervisor;

Skills and Abilities

  • Fluent English;
  • Excellent IT and analytical skills;
  • Excellent communications, team-oriented and interpersonal skills;
  • Attention to details;
  • Self-motivation and direction, with strong bias toward timely performance and problem resolution.